aoi cayo(Ada)

Japanese pro voice artist.

Hi! I am Ada, a full-time native Japanese voice artist. I am capable of a wide range of voice-over work in various projects (e.g., dubbing, CM, and narration) through my acting. I deliver my voice from my well-equipped home studio! Dubbing, narration, singing, you name it, I can do it! I discovered the joy of acting when I was 10 years old, working for a theatrical company and performing various roles in the past. Please leave any character voices and dubbing to me! I can play five different roles at once, from a child to a grand old woman. I enjoy drawing and singing on my days off♪

Hi! I’m Ada, a full-time Japanese pro voice artist.

★My Strengths

・Home studio with high-quality facilities

・Excellent dubbing/narration/voice-over capabilities

・Able to record 5 roles of character voices and dubbing simultaneously

・Both lip and time synchronization are available

・Flexibility to adjust voice tone upon request

★My unique Career and Skills

・Actor: played in a theatrical company since my teenage years

・TV announcer: narration, voice-overs, dubbing, and video edits

・Event MC: official projects such as weddings and award ceremonies

・Preschool teacher: reading aloud and singing for children, utilizing my knowledge and skills in emotional education

My multitalented experiences and acting skills will give you the perfect voice for your project!

★My Voice

■Tone: Anything you need.

■Range: Female from toddlers to seniors, and male in their early 20’s.